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Increasing Mood Stability

Whether it is depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or a combination of things, there are some common therapies and evidence-based techniques that can be utilized to alleviate symptoms and make daily management easier. Cognitive Behavioral techniques can help unravel symptoms to reveal the underlying issue, while also making progress with behaviors related to the mood fluctuations. We balance this mental work with techniques that empower us to improve our mood and recondition the brain over time. 

Working on Trauma

Current research is focusing more on differences in brain functioning regarding the treatment of PTSD. This is great news because it gives us something tangible to work with. Treatment would include neuropsychology for education, mindfulness and other relaxation techniques to calm the overactive fear response, cognitive behavioral therapy to address perceptions of the world, and possibly re-processing memories to be effectively stored. 

Alleviating Addictions

Once the brain develops dependence on a substance or activity, cravings become the most powerful influence in life. You can regain control. We can discuss the possibilities of change, options for recovery, and develop a new lifestyle.

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